Research and writing to turn knowledge into action


Our clients want to find an optimal way to solve a problem, whether that is raising money for a charity or presenting data and key findings to inform a choice or decision.

We always start with the question, "What do you want to be able to do when this is finished?" From there, we co-develop with you a project that can range from a background review of existing research through to public presentation content for you to use to build support for your idea. 

Melissa has provided her research, analysis and writing services for National Philanthropic Trust’s annual Donor-Advised Fund Report for several years. She is knowledgeable, thorough and meets every deadline. Melissa has keen insights about the nonprofit landscape and a concise way of explaining complex issues. Simply put, she is invaluable to us.
— Eileen R. Heisman. President & CEO. National Philanthropic Trust

We blend three approaches to research:

  • Literature reviews or investigation of what others have already learned;
  • Interviews with people with expertise or experience; and
  • Data analysis, whether collected from a survey or obtained from other sources.

Work products range from reports and infographics to presentation materials for meetings, conferences, or fundraising campaigns.