& Associates


John Carreon, one of the first graduate students in philanthropy I met when I moved to Indiana circa 1991. John and I teach together with The Fund Raising School. He is my go-to guy for strategic thinking and process facilitation. John's work focuses on developing a culture of major gifts and board development.


Loring, Sternberg & Associates, a national firm based in the heartland with offices in Florida, too. This team helps clients with major gift fundraising, board engagement in fundraising, and more.  Their focus is to "increase the efficiency, effectiveness and fundraising capacity of nonprofit organizations."

Lynn Lukins, on whom I rely for statistics, survey design, and more. Plus we have daughters who have the same first name, so you know we think alike.

Rich Metter, a designer who reads what he is working on and makes every project better. I've worked with Rich since 2001 on a range of projects.


Linh Preston, who describes herself as: "Advocate. Editor. Foodie-wanna-be. Idea Wrangler. Internet Hoarder. Mother. Reader. Speaker. Strategist. Tree-hugger. White-collar Philanthropist. Writer." To which I add friend and inspiration.


Gabrielle Robbins, a doctoral student at MIT in anthropology. She works for me often on qualitative data analysis (e.g. coding text from interviews to find themes).

Deter Wisniewski, who knows so much about fundraising and working with large organizations that I just call her instead of trying to figure it out for myself.